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  • Project name : Cloud Apps
  • Category : Cloud Solutions / Web applications

Cloud Solutions

Area Defining

Many companies and individual users choose cloud solutions. Cloud applications are a type of the software that can be accessed from any device through the Internet. For individuals it is a preferable type of application while they can use them and have access to the data from any device and not necessarily have the one where a desktop version of an app installed. For companies it helps to store the data, provide new employees with access without complicated installations and of course save on the software licence costs.

Potential users


individual software users for private purposes or work


small, midsize and big companies who use any types of applications at work

Cloud Applications

Cloud software is a product that has two major areas of usage. First, internal software products are used by big companies for their needs. The users are employees and company customers. Usually they are built for work optimization and for the implementation of the unique specific feature required for their needs.

Second, cloud applications can be created by software product suppliers. In this case simplicity and the intuition are the most important criteria for the product constructing. It happens due to the reasons that their target audience are individual clients or small companies and there no possibilities for the long training or explanations.

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