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Case Information

  • Project name :Ecommerce
  • Category :Ecommerce / Online shopping


Area Defining

E-commerce is trading through the Internet with the help of the web based software. E-commerce allows displaying goods and services, exchanging information, processing payments and setting up deliveries. Nowadays e-commerce supports all types of business relations B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B. E-commerce is expected to increase by 15-20% in 2020 and many businesses are in the need of the effective software right now.

Potential users

Small businesses

Merchants, handmade staff creators, small local shops

Mid-size businesses

Wholesalers, local goods producers

Large businesses

Global goods producers, goods selling chains, ecommerce software providers

Ecommerce Software

Ecommerce software for small and mid size businesses can be created on the basis of the ecommerce website builders like shopify, wix, magento, etc. These solutions have all features needed to sell online, they are user friendly and require no coding skills. Monthly fees are also pretty low.

Custom solutions and developers help are preferable in two cases. First, if you are a global goods producer, have your own brand and millions of international customers, you will need a custom software product to cope with the amount of orders, be able to process them and stress the uniqueness of your product. Second, if you have an idea of the software that can be used by small and mid size businesses.