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Case Information

  • Project name : E-learning Platform
  • Category : Online Education/ E-learning


Area Defining

E-learning is process of conducting classes, sharing information, making community with the educational purposes. E-learning platforms create special type of the virtual environment for information exchanging. 2020 is a year of remote education and effective and robust system are becoming more and more a vital need rather than an optional solution. Conducting classes online are used both by private and public schools nowadays. At first those systems were used by private schools with the main aim to save time and provide clients with flexible options. Right now we are facing the situation when e-learning systems are required by public schools and universities in order to continue the process of education.

Numerous systems for online education are available for instance, Thinkific, Udemy (where supervisors can create courses and share or sell them) and WizIQ, LearnCube (where real time classes can be conducted).

Potential users

Educational Institutions

private schools, public schools, higher educational establishments, individual teachers

Software providers

e-learning software products owners

E- Learning software

E-learning platforms are complicated systems with complex functionality because they have to support multiple features to organize the process of education. In order to have a class we need to be able to meet, listen and discuss, display materials, practise, create tasks, submit answers, do tests, etc.

Like any other product e learning systems can be used for internal usage of a school or university or be created as a software product for smaller merchants. When we are talking about an e-learning environment for an educational establishment only we are talking about the software that mostly have to distribute information, show schedule, sometimes support online conferences for conducting lectures. Those systems should be very simple and easy to update.

E-learning systems for the wide audience are more complicated and user friendly because they have to provide the possibilities of doing some action both by a teacher and a student. So a lot of small schools are looking for the software suppliers who are have the features that they need depending on the type of material that they want to share and skills to develop.

Please drop us a line if you have an idea of an e-learning product, we will be glad to discuss it with you and share our experience on how it can be built.