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  • Project name: Online Game Portal
  • Category: Online games / Games

Online Games

Area Defining

Online games are games that can be accessed on a web and do not require prior installation on the user’s computer. When a game portal is created it is presupposes that users register and create accounts, it allows them to play numerous games online from one or several creators. Those portals are regularly updated and improved.

Some games are very complicated and realistic. The have sophisticated graphics and build a new virtual world. Others might be simple, but fast and easy to understand. Those two examples might be equally successful and profitable, it pretty much depends on reaching your target audience. There are dozens of them available for instance, popular games Fortnite, Minecraft or portals with small games like Hidden4Fun, Big Fish.

Potential users




Game producers, game portal owners

Online game portal

Online game portal is a specific type of the software that gather a great variety of online games at one place depending on their plot, features, purposes, etc. Online portals in addition to the development of the each game require logics that will allow promoting, listing, offering games to a visitor.

Games are very demanding type of the software. Their main purpose is entertainment, it should be easy to understand, based on the intuition and create atmosphere and the feeling of presence there and at that specific moment. This effect can be reached by various things like graphics, sound effects, music, background story, etc.

You need a team of technically skilled developers with global vision for implementation of those tasks. If you have any questions regarding online games building please feel free to text us, we will be glad to share our experience and vision with you.