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Today we can observe a process when offline companies are going through their transition phase and becoming more and more connected to the world of informational technologies. Almost every midsize and big company uses software for producing, managing, promoting, or selling their goods. Pretty often they need to have their own custom solution that will be solving tasks that they have.

Building a software product can be compared to building a house. You need to have everything planned, organized, and structured plus use materials of the best quality in order to succeed. For instance, you cannot have a comfortable house without good pipes.

Right now we are at the point when you have chosen a team and you are ready to start developing your product. There are two first fundamental things that you need to agree on – time and budget. It will let you estimate your tasks properly in the future.

Every business and every project has a budget limit that you need to specify and discuss. You can discuss with your team what features are crucial, how many releases you would like to have, etc. When you are ready with it, the first important discussions are done, and you are ready to choose tools.


Right now we are in the development phase. It is very important to understand that development is an everlasting process for a real usable software product. IT is the sphere that is changing and improving extremely fast and you need to adapt your solution to the market realities.

The concept of flexibility had a great impact on the world of software development and in 2001 agile methodology was introduced. So what is agile methodology? What are its pillars? And why is it so popular in 2023?

Agile methodology presupposes breaking projects into smaller pieces with a focus on continuous collaboration and improvement. This approach emphasizes delivering small parts of work to improve customer satisfaction. It is reached through 4 key values of the agile methodology. They are the following:

individuals and interactions;

working software;

customer collaboration;

change responsiveness.

In simple words it means that engineers can choose tools and organize processes in the most effective way, their task is to deliver working software rather than neat documentation, respond to changes that are introduced by their customers, and implement them right away.

In general, the idea of agile is based on meeting clients’ needs and providing an opportunity to introduce changes in the process of development. Agile methodology has been used for quite a period of time and as a result several frameworks have appeared, but we would like to describe scrum because in our opinion it is one of the most widely spread options.

Scrum is a management framework that is based on splitting work into sprints. A sprint is a certain planned amount of work for 2 or 4 weeks. Each sprint is finished by the “retrospective” or it can be named “customer feedback”. It allows analyzing work and products the right way and helps in its inspecting and adapting.

If you google you will find numerous agile software management solutions. The top list will include Jira, Trello, ClickUp, Asana, SmartSheet, Wrinke, Kanbanize. Discuss with the team and choose the one you like.


Agile methodology is the reflection of reality. Maybe in 2001, it was applied in the sphere of IT, but if we analyze the way businesses are operating right now we will notice that basic ideas of the agile concept are used almost in each sphere. Sprints are widely used by entrepreneurs, there might just be different names for it. The most important thing is to build good and effective communication between a customer and his team.

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