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WHAT IS A PROGRESSIVE WEB APPLICATION? A progressive web application (or PWA for short) is a progressive web application which is running as a web age but creates a feeling of a native mobile or desktop application.

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STAGE I – DISCUSSION Today we can observe a process when offline companies are going through their transition phase and becoming more and more connected to the world of informational technologies. Almost every midsize and big company

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A new project: where to start Every project starts with an idea. What is an idea? In simple words, it is your vision of how a certain process should be organized or problem solved. The first thing

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OUTSOURCING vs DEVELOPMENT ONSITE Today IT is integrated into the lives of almost all businesses from small to huge ones. Small businesses usually use existing solutions on the market, their needs can be characterized as standard and

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Working from home or anywhere, saving time, having flexible work hours seem to be the most often mentioned advantages of the remote work. Many people dream of changing their regular office hours to a flexible schedule. Let’s